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New JAE Ceramics "Earthyware" vessels launched

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Since making the move to be a working artist, I often think to myself how fortunate am I to be able to follow my true passion as an artist. Over the past few months I have "virtually met" a number of women who have made the bold move from their respective former professions in order to build a creative business. They all echo similar views that turning a hobby into a business demands dogged determination; it can also take a long time to become established; but they would not swap the sense self-fulfilment, happiness and overall positive impact on their wellbeing for their previous life. I fully agree with them, especially on the last point.

"Your job is not just to do what your parents say, what your teachers say, what society says, but to figure out what your heart calling is and be led by that." – Oprah Winfrey

So, since Christmas, my wheel has been spinning resulting in the addition of new line of vessels made from Vulcan Black stoneware clay. What a delightful clay body! Smooth enough to throw, yet still robust enough to work into a desirable form.

Whilst planning this new ceramic series, after the tumultuous events of the past two years, I felt it was important for my pieces to reflect simplicity in design and solidity of the form, as a response to a general sentiment for the simpler things in life. One of my inspirations is drawn from Danish design which embraces natural organic forms with muted tones that are harmonious with our surroundings. These functional vessels are simply called Earthyware, as a reference to the hue of the clay, strong form, a simple colour palette, and a tongue-in-cheek wordplay on a pottery term.

My new vessels will be proudly unveiled and for sale at the Anglian Potters Exhibition at Royal Horticultural Society Hyde Hall Show in Rettenden (near Chelmsford), Essex from 29 April to 2 May 2022, where I will be located at table 20.

Outside of shows and working in my studio, since the start of April, I can now also be found twice weekly at Peacock Pottery Barn in Billericay teaching wheel-throwing. If you are in the area, please pop into the Barleylands Farm complex to see the fun activities on offer, or visit their website for more information.

Until next time.


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