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New beginnings: from potter to artpreneur

Welcome to my blog and to the new year!

I am extremely happy to say that 2022 ended on a high note following my successful week-long show Clayart quintessentially in collaboration with four amazing artists, Ann Hebden, Jacqui Cade-Bowyer, Lucy Fowler (Cowpat Pots) and Sandra Hall.

The Sentinel Gallery in Wivenhoe provided a beautiful backdrop for our diverse works, which attracted positive and encouraging feedback, and resulted in many of our pieces finding a new a home.

Thank you to my co-exhibitors for the wonderful experience of presenting a most rewarding joint show, and to the clients and visitors who made time to view our works at the gallery.

So what my plans for this year?

Well, in embracing the notion of trying new things, a recent watercolour painting workshop organised by LACE Essex (thank you JH) allowed me to dust off my fancy watercolour set ~ purchased over 20 years ago, never used and still pristine in its original packaging ~ and to finally put it to work. In fact, I still didn't manage to use it in class as my set was in colour blocks rather than the easier-to-use watercolour tubes.

After five hours and lots of coffee, I could not be more pleased with the final result and the ultimate compliment was paid when a good friend purchased the painting after seeing it on my social media. Thank you, SDS.

Back to the future...

I am definitely sticking to ceramics as my main practice, but will no doubt be occasionally distracted by one form of art or another to keep life interesting.

Work will resume in the studio soon with some new JAE Ceramics one-off works for We Are The Minories in Colchester, which will be holding a show from 24 to 26 February 2023.

My Black and White porcelain works, as well as the Earthyware series will be expanded, with new products in development to complement existing pieces. My aim this year is to offer a basic dinner set in both designs.

The next 11 months will see me making appearances at various shows and craft fairs with my funky stall in and around Essex whilst continuing to build my social media presence and online shop.

Becoming an artpreneur is a constant balancing act of developing creatively whilst seeking opportunities to build a sustainable business. It will take time, I know, but I still remain hopeful that life will improve for everyone, including independent artists and crafters. So, if you can, why not visit your local craft fair? It's a half a day out. Creatives love to talk about their work ... and if you are ever in the market for art please think local, think small.

Until next time,


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