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Are we there yet?

Last year for me ended on a relatively high note I am pleased to say. The launch of my new pottery making business, successful participation in the @AnglianPotters Christmas show in Cambridge, and moving to a new home in Essex were the top three personal milestones of 2021.

However, as we all know, life does not stand still whilst we revel in our achievements.

So in the spirit of "time waits for no (wo)man", in addition to my website, I am pleased to announce the acceptance of JAE Ceramics on the @britishcrafthouse (TBCH) online selling platform. My new TBCH mini-site can be found here and will initially stock different products to those listed on my main website, which will remain as the main launch platform for my new works.

Building on the black and white series with the introduction of pops of colour, I am looking to produce more functional ware sets, similar to the one pictured on the left which recently went to a new home. There are always a few unexpected things happening in the studio called #happypotteryaccidents, which sometimes find a spot on the product listing.

So please pop into my sites from time to time or follow me on Facebook or Instagram for latest developments.

Early in January I paid a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum to see the Magdalene Odundo exhibition. Odundo's close ties to Cambridge are attributed to her time of study there over 50 years ago. Representing their influence on her own creations, the exhibition features pieces chosen by the artist from the museum's collections which are shown alongside a small selection of her own distinctive work. Although I had the priviledge of attending a demonstration that Odundo gave during her lecture tour to South Africa, until now I have only seen her finished work in books. Having now seen her work in the flesh, so to speak, my impression that her vessels are a celebration of the strength of the feminine is stronger than ever. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. You can pop your comments below.

So, are we there yet? I guess not, if I am to believe Odundo's statement that she is still working on making the perfect vessel (after 50 years). New things to do, different people to meet, exciting places to visit. Roll on 2022.

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